Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Boy Collar

This weekend Kyle is attending Fun Day at Guide Dog's California campus with Megan. I couldn't send him off to campus still looking like a baby puppy.

I've drug my feet for over a month about switching Kyle's collar because I didn't want to admit that he has gotten so big. However, yesterday I finally bit the bullet and made the switch.

(This is the last shot of Kyle in his little puppy collar. The collar is adjusted to the absolute biggest setting.)

I didn't realize exactly how small Kyle's collar was until I took it off of him and placed it next to his new adult collar.

(These are the two collars. The gold plaque on the bigger collar has Guide Dog's contact information and Kyle's ID number--45X7.)

I don't think anyone besides a puppy raiser would notice the difference in the two collars, but Kyle sure does look grown up in his big boy collar.

 (Kyle modeled his new collar outside. He wouldn't look at the camera, but that made it all the better to get a picture of the collar.)

With his new getup, Kyle was ready to head west and do the Boot Scootin' Bow Wow with Megan. In the mean time, I'm staying behind to play with Paris and Julimae.


  1. He looks so grown up now. I usually can't wait to switch the pups over to what I call " the big girl collar" (in your case boy) but I know it is sad when you realize they aren't that little pup you picked up not so long ago.

  2. Ah, he does look very grown up now! And he was a great puppy for the long ride out!