Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eight Things at Eight Months

Today Kyle is eight-months-old. In honor of this milestone, here are eight new things he got to do this month.
  1. Kyle has logged hundreds of miles on road trips. Included in those travels was his first trip to Idaho.
  2. While in Idaho, Kyle got to play with my nephew in sand and a shallow lake. Kyle loved getting wet and dirty.
  3. He road public transportation for the first time with a puppy sitter from our club. She said that he was a pro.
  4. While with the same puppy sitter, Kyle worked an overnight shift and still had tons of energy the next day. He is an Energizer bunny.
  5. Kyle got to attend a small town parade. It lasted all of fifteen minutes but provided distractions in the form of other dogs, horses, fire engines, semi trailers, and people throwing candy. In truth, none of those things distracted him, but Kyle did enjoy the melting popsicle a little girl tried to share with him. He was disappointed when I stopped her.
  6. In all of our travels, Kyle has met several K9 friends and learned to play nice with other dogs (and share his toys). He decided he likes "sleep overs" with his dog friends.
  7. Kyle got to go to the movie theater and a play with me. He liked to pop up at all of the loud scene changes, but was really well behaved besides that.
  8. Finally, Kyle got his first taste of people food. I was asleep when my cousin came in late one night. He fed Kyle a chip before my aunt could tell him that people food is a no-no. Oops! Kyle liked the experience, but that is the one thing from this list he isn't going to repeat any time soon.
Happy eight months Kyle! You are growing into a wonderful service dog!

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