Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Best Friend

This past weekend Kyle and I decided to take an impromptu road trip to visit my mom and Aunt Judy. Within an hour of deciding to travel, we had the car loaded and were on our way. Once again, Kyle was a good sport about the travel time. However, the friend waiting on the other side of the drive made Kyle's weekend.

Judy's family has a six-year-old black lab named Lucky. Kyle and Lucky were instant best friends. I brought Kyle's tug toys, and they had a blast playing with them.

(Lucky and Kyle are running alongside each other. They are holding opposite ends of the Jollyball rope.)

Lucky is a lot stronger than Kyle. Thus, whenever they played tug, all Lucky had to do was stand his ground. Kyle pulled and pulled, but Lucky won most games of tug without exerting much effort. The boys were so fun together that we literally sat around and watched them for entertainment a couple times a day.

(Kyle and Lucky playing tug with the Jollyball. I love that Kyle's ears are flying because he had to exert so much effort to try and pull against Lucky.)

Lucky had never played with all of the GDB approved toys. Kyle gave Lucky one of his sterilized  bones. Before the week is over, Lucky will have a goughnut and a nylabone. Lucky also has a Furminator ordered from ebay. Lucky might not be a guide dog, but GDB has the best things for labs figured out.

(My mom held a sterilized bone for both dogs while they gnawed away at them. Spoiled boys!)

These dogs bonded quickly. If Kyle was on tiedown, Lucky stayed near him. Lucky always sleeps near Judy, but this weekend Lucky was a traitor and slept in the family room with Kyle and me. I took Kyle to church Sunday. When we got home Lucky started whining at my door of the van because I wasn't letting Kyle out quickly enough. Monday when I put Kyle in my car to head home, Lucky tried to jump in.

I wasn't the only person who decided to run away. After a weekend of fun, Judy headed to my home yesterday, but she left Lucky at home. Poor boys! We're just going to head south again sometime soon so that Kyle can play with his new best friend.


  1. Sounds like he had a blast! :)) And in our world, if the dog has fun then we do too. Smile.

  2. It sounds like you guys had a really fun trip- and Kyle seemed to enjoy it too! I love that picture of the two of them chewing the bones.