Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playing at the Park

Idaho falls has one of the biggest parks I have ever seen. It was spread over several acres and housed several different sets of play equipment. We headed to the park so that Papa could play, but the adults in our group ended up having just as much fun.

This outing was after my foot disaster, so Kyle and I started out taking it easy.

(Kyle and I sat at the picnic tables and watched the water bottles.)

(Kyle hanging out on the squishy rubber mat under all of the play equipment. He didn't mind the new surface at all.)

Does anyone know if there is a puppy raising club in Idaho Falls? We had several families approach us with interest in Guide Dogs. Kyle and I especially had fun telling all of the cute kids about his training and future career.

(A curly-haired little two-year-old was fascinated with Kyle. She smiled from ear to ear when she saw him.)

(Kyle and I teaching three young children about how to interact with a service dog. They were full of great questions.)

My favorite find at the park was a giant braille alphabet. I thought the sign was a great tactile activity for little kids. Plus, it was the perfect spot to get a picture of a future guide dog.

(Kyle in a handsome sit in front of the braille alphabet. The sign is twice as tall as Kyle.)

(Kyle and I sitting to the side of the alphabet.)


  1. I think you should submit the picture of Kyle in front of the alphabet to Guide Dogs for the calendar next year. :)

  2. Just last week my family and I drove through Idaho Falls on our road trip! I wish we'd stopped at that park- the braille alphabet looks really cool! That is such a great picture- I really hope you submit it for the GDB calendar next year, it's perfect.

  3. I hadn't though about submitting the photo. That's a great idea because it really was the perfect photo spot for a puppy in training. How do you go about submitting a photo?

  4. The Braille photo is too perfect! I think it's HYSTERICAL! :D

  5. Are you a fan of GDB on facebook? (Do you have facebook?) :) If you do, you can access their flickr site that way. I feel like they post when they ask for submissions for their calendar. I could totally be wrong though as I never have submitted one!