Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Week with Paris and Julimae

While Kyle was having the time of his life in California with Megan, I got to spoil Paris and play with Julimae.

Paris and Julimae may come from different homes, but they already know each other, so they got along wonderfully. A lot of the time Julimae was on a leash next to me, and Paris was allowed to be free in the house. Since the girls wanted to play, Paris would carry her toys over to Julimae so that they could play tug. Although she growled loudly, Paris was incredibly gentle with Julimae. Julimae in turn loved all the interaction.

(Paris and Julimae playing tug in the yard.)

Every now and then I wanted a turn to play with Julimae. I loved playing with this little girl. She has a lot of spunk!

(Julimae playing tug with me. I love how enthusiastically she played.)

Baby puppies' facial expressions are so different than that of older puppies. Julimae still tilts her head to the side when she is trying to figure out the world. Every time she did it, Julimae made me break out in a huge grin.

(Julimae with her head tilted to the side and her tongue hanging out.)

As Julimae was headed home, I asked her family to snap a picture of me with their little girl. I really enjoyed playing with her. She is incredibly trained for her age and has an adorable personality. I hope to spend more time with her as she gets older.

(Me holding Julimae right before she headed home. Julimae has a huge puppy grin on her face.)

While I already knew Paris is an incredible dog from observing her with Megan, that fact hit home this past week. Paris is practically perfectly trained and has a fun loving personality. She and I got along fabiously and it was really hard to return her to Megan at the end of the week.

One of my favorite things about spending time with Paris was the ability to spoil her in non-guide dog ways. She got to sleep on my bed, eat fun treats, and play with all kinds of fun toys. I didn't realize how much I miss having a pet dog around my home.

(Paris slept on my bed and even cuddled with me at times.)

(Paris loves her stuffed animals and carried them around everywhere. I have no idea why she didn't get cottonmouth.)

Last week my grandma broke her wrist on the way to visit me. Thus, she ended up spending two days on my couch. My grandma loves dogs, so Paris got practice as a therapy dog.

(Paris comforting my grandma who is laying on the couch.)

Paris and Julimae won more than my heart. Almost every day the neighborhood kids came over to play with both girls. They even helped me work on Paris' new tricks. Both girls are pretty special dogs.
(Paris with three neighbor girls.)

Any time either of these wonderful dogs wants to visit, I'd love to have them back in my home!


  1. I LOVE the pic of you holding Julimae. You look absolutely beautiful, one of my favorite pics, even moreso then the one when she was a tiny puppy. And Julimae is a heart-warmer. ADORABLE! :D

  2. Jorinda tilts her head in the exact same way! But I guess most puppies do. I think she knows she can get anything she wants if she crinkles her eyebrows, tilts her head, and perks up her ears!

  3. That must have been nice to have two sweet puppies around! Paris and Julimae both sound like a really great dogs. I love that photo of Paris with the bird in her mouth. She looks so pleased with herself!