Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Farm Living is the Life for Me

The first stop on my road trip with Kyle was to my friend's farm. She, her husband, and their three little girls live in the middle of their working farm. Honestly, their back yard is barley fields. I love the peacefulness of visiting their home!

Kyle's favorite thing about my visits with this friend is her three adorable daughters. They've met on multiple occasions, and the girls love to play with Kyle. He got all kinds of attention from them on the trip. They played with him during the day, and every night before bed, the girls gave him kisses and hugs.

(The three cute girls are pulling on the rope of Kyle's jollyball while he pulls on the opposite end. The ball in the middle made this a safe game of tug for little hands.)

During the trip, my friend, the girls, and I picked and canned 40 pounds of pie cherries. I got to bring home seven of them for my food storage. While this blog is about my puppy raising adventures, gardening and canning are two of my other favorite hobbies.

 (These five buckets of cherries turned into 14 canned quarts, 4 frozen quarts, and one wonderful cherry crisp.)

Unfortunately for Kyle, dealing with cherry pits and sticky syrup meant that he had to stay on tie down by the piano for the good part of an afternoon. This was not his favorite activity.

(Kyle is tied to the piano and ignoring two bones at his side. His droopy eyes tell the story of his boredom.)

Thankfully, Kyle never stayed bored for too long. The girls left their other play activities to make frequent visits to Kyle.
(E, 4-years-old, took this picture of H, 6-years-old, playing with Kyle. H patiently held Kyle's bones while he chewed them on multiple occasions.)

While we primarily stayed around the house, Kyle did get to go on a walk to see some nearby cows and horses. He also helped me babysit the girls at the park while my friend went to a doctor's appointment.

(I love this shot of Kyle lying in the grass at the park and looking straight up at the camera. He is turning into such a handsome dog!)

After three days at my friend's farm, the verdict is that I could live on a farm forever. I tend to be a natural homebody, so my friend's lifestyle suits me. However, I think Kyle would turn down the chance to move to a farm. Without permission to kill gophers and run free like the farm dog, Kyle would get bored. He loves to be out and about too much. Thus, we'll stick to living in our wonderful community that feels like a small town for my sake but has plenty of places for Kyle to visit.

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