Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Despicable Me

Kyle got to attend his first movie tonight. Aside from caving into the temptation to eat a few kernels of popcorn, he did great.

Despicable Me was a fun film, and my favorite part was something most people probably don't notice. The odd dog-like pet at Gru's house is named Kyle. The name is only mentioned once in passing, but it was enough to make me smile. The writers of this film know how to name a dog!

Though they have the same name, my Kyle sure is a lot cuter than Gru's Kyle.


  1. That's so funny! I love it when I see or hear my pup's name somewhere.

  2. I loved the movie. Rocco got to come and see it with me as well. I have to admit, when I saw Gru's Kyle my first thought was, "Now, I know of a Kyle who is so much cuter and probably more well behaved." :)

  3. LOL... Nicki, Ricky, Papa and I saw Despicable Me last night as well... and when Kyle's name was mentioned I thought, "I HAVE to tell Mandy about the dog's name!" Love ya sister! :)