Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Vacation Memories

I promise that this will be the last post about the road trip to Idaho. These pictures include a hodgepodge of memories that are just too good not to include.

Papa loves dogs, so he had a blast playing with Kyle and Boo. After playing tug with Kyle for quite a while, he still didn't want to stop. In fact, the last thing they did before we left was play tug together.

(Kyle and Papa playing tug together.)

Kyle spent a good portion of Saturday running around outside with Boo and another neighbor dog. While Kyle enjoyed the rare freedom, he did check back with us frequently by peering in the window. Every time he stared at us, it made everyone laugh.

(Kyle intently looking at everyone through the window.)

On Sunday everyone decided to head to the river walk again. By then my foot was out of commission, so Kyle and I enjoyed reading in the grass while we waited for our family to return.

(Kyle looking regal as he lies in the grass.)

Monday night we finally took Kyle on an outing where only guide dogs would be allowed. Ricky and Papa had never been in public with one of my pups before, so this was a new experience for them. We celebrated Nicki's birthday at a yummy Mexican restaurant. Kyle stayed calmly under the table for the entire meal. That even included the wait staff singing to Nicki, much to her chagrin.

(Here's everyone I spent the wonderful weekend with: Papa, Nicki, Ricky, Me, and Kassie.)

After dinner we headed to the store to get ingredients for dessert and a few other odds and ends. Papa asked to walk Kyle. Since Kyle was in a head collar that night, I let him. They made an adorable team. Papa is fascinated with Kyle's career as a "blind dog" and repeatedly told me that he was going to be the best "blind dog" ever. I sure hope so.

(Kyle walked on a loose leash for Papa the whole time Papa had him.)

Papa was so good with Kyle that I hope he gets the chance to puppy raise in five or ten years. I've already planted the idea in his head.

Check out the video to see how well they walked together. At one point Papa took a wrong turn, but he even figured out how to redirect Kyle towards our group without pulling on the leash. Way to go Papa and Kyle!

I love my family! Kyle and I both had a blast spending a wonderful weekend with them. Hopefully it won't be too long until we're together again.

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