Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog Stalking

I love reading all of the service dog blogs out on the web. Reading about other people's adventures training dogs for all types of careers inspires me in my work with Kyle. Sometimes I read wonderful training tips, and sometimes I realize my dog isn't the only one to invent new forms of naughtiness. When I raised Turk and Mesa, I had a small (but strong) support network. With Kyle, I feel like I have a vast group of friends to help me along and that makes a huge difference.

With that said, sometimes I find incredibly fun things on other guide dog blogs. Tonight a friend pointed me in the direction of a blog with pictures of Kermit, Kyle's brother. Now I have at least found the names of all Kyle's siblings. Kermit is the first one of which I have seen a picture (except GDB's littermate photos). Kermit is an adorable dog that looks a lot like Kyle except a tad darker. He also seems to have Kyle's affinity for being a cuddle bug!

The best part of finding Kermit's picture is that it led me to a picture of Kyle while he was still in his first puppy club. It appears that Kyle has always loved sitting in people's laps. I swear that my little guy thinks he is a human baby at times. He makes me laugh!

I love the connections I have with the raisers in my puppy club, and I also love branching out to raisers across the country!

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  1. At the next puppy meeting I'll take a picture of Kendrick myself. His raiser hasn't gotten around to sending me any yet and the only one I have of him is the one when he's getting off the puppy truck at 9 weeks old.

    I feel the same way. I love reading all the blogs. I've even found one about a litter mate to another dog in our group. :)