Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

Today Kyle found a cute guide dog puppy that stole his attention for a minute. For a pup who is rarely dog distracted, this made me laugh.
(Kyle staring at himself in the full length mirror of a public restroom.)

Kyle refocused quickly and we went on our way. I'm interested to see if his own reflection ever captures his eye again. He is a good looking boy after all.


  1. Thats great and he is very handsom! I can't wait to see how Breeze reacts with mirrors I think it will be really funny!

  2. Great conformation, Kyle! Definitely eyecatching. Hugs!

  3. Too funny! And way cute! He is a handsome little guy!

    Whenever Boo catches her reflection in an unfamiliar mirror she stiffens and her hackles go up because she thinks it's a dog she didn't catch scent of or notice at all. Thankfully, she knows all the mirrors in our apartment. ;)