Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Puppy Club Meeting

Wednesday evening our puppy club met outside a local public library. With the addition of Picassa, Kyle, Breeze, and Jacinda to the group, we are up to 11 puppies-in-training and one in harness training in Oregon. That makes for quite the group!

Kyle loved meeting all of his new puppy friends. When we showed up he was bouncing all over the place trying to introduce himself. Thankfully after a couple minutes he calmed down and happily laid between my feet.

(Kyle lying between my legs and looking off in the distance.)

Since we had all the dogs together for the first time, a good potion of the meeting was spent trying to get a group picture. That was a hilarious undertaking. All of the pictures on my camera have at least two dogs and their raisers doing funny things. Thankfully a friend got a good shot. We didn't include all of our raisers in the photo, or we wouldn't have fit. Instead, we just have one raiser holding each dog.

(Back row: Spike (MLY), Meade (MBL), Picassa (FYL), Mara (FBL), Peanut (MBL); Front Row: Mosley (MYL), Kyle (MYL), Christina (FBL), Sugar (FGLD), Breeze (FYL), Jacinda (FBL))

At the end of the meeting Kyle got a Halti. The poor little guy hates it. In fact, if he could speak I think he would tell us that it is worse than a cone of shame. However, I love it! Until last night Kyle pulled on his leash in all directions and tripped me frequently. Now he walks with a perfect "J" in his leash (when he isn't trying to rub against my leg to get the Halti off).

(Kyle is sporting his new Halti with a pout on his face. This is the first time I have seen him flatten his ears back for anything. Hopefully he adjusts quickly.)

Now that Kyle walks sanely on a leash, I cannot wait to start taking him on more outings! Stay tuned for upcoming adventures.


  1. Poor, pathetic Kyle... such torture to wear a Halti! It's okay Kyle, Sam had one too! Here's a hint, learn fast and then you'll be free again :)

    Cute picture of your club!

  2. We are so thrilled to have found your blog! A fellow Colorado club member let us know you have this site... we were Kyle's "starter family."

    We must have read and re-read your blog 5 times today. We miss Kyle and I can't tell you how happy I am to read about how he's doing and see all the photos. He's having the time of his life! I love how you describe his personality... you already know him so well. He definitely has spunk, and is such a sweetheart. I'm so glad he got a Halti - he is so excited about everybody and everything, I'm sure the Halti is going to be a great help.

    Because Kyle was a "starter puppy," we knew we'd only have him a short while. However, it's amazing how quickly you get attached! Please give Kyle a big hug for us!

  3. Hey there, Kyle, buddy. I know it's hard to believe, but that Halti is really a good thing. It is going to help you become the best helper-dog you can be! One day during the next year, you will get to meet a gigantic creature called a "Horse." Horses are magnificent animals far bigger than even the biggest human, but built more like a dog. They grow as tall as Amanda's car and as long and are about half the width. Really! They are one of the very best helper animals for humans, even though they aren't as quick-minded, endearing, or cultured as dogs are. Horses who are learning to be helper animals wear a bigger Halti called a Halter that works in nearly the exact same way for them as your Halti does for you. It is an amazing tool. I promise! Most horses have to always wear a Halter when they are working with humans, but the good news is that Dogs are smart enough to graduate out of them and leave them behind after just a short period of time. Honest! Hang in there, big guy, and remember that you are now in the same league as those majestic helper animals, horses!
    P.S. Humans don't wear Halters or Haltis, but they sometimes wear these contraptions called "Orthodontic Braces," that you will never, ever have to worry about. Ask Amanda to tell you about her years with those helper tools, and I promise you'll feel much better about your Halti. xoxo