Monday, May 3, 2010

Mara, Mosley, and Moving

If you haven't figured this out yet, my life has recently been ruled by my love for guide dogs. For anyone who knows me personally, you know that is not the way I typically work. I'm a logical thinker who takes forever to make well thought out decisions. However, back in about February I decided to raise another puppy. Everything I've done since has been a bit unlogical, but has helped me meet that goal.

At the top of the list of unlogical decisions was the choice to move. Until now, I've always had roommates. Only eight days before Kyle's arrival, I moved into my own townhome. Thankfully amazing friends moved everything from my old condo to my new townhome in less than two hours. A few even stayed and unpacked most of my boxes.

During Saturday's moving adventure, I puppysat a beautiful fourteen-month-old lab, Mara. She was a great sport about the time she had to spend kenneled while we moved heavy items. However, Mara especially loved playing with all my friends during the unpacking stage. I'm sure a few of them would have happily taken her home.

After most of the unpacking was completed, two friends accompanied Mara and me on a major shopping spree. While Mara didn't find the housewares section of the store too interesting (aside from lollipops kids had dropped on the floor), she was well behaved and earned lots of complements.

Mara had the most endearing habit in the car. She didn't like being stuck in the backseat alone, so she placed her head between the seats and rested it on my arm. My friend captured a picture of the two of us together at a stoplight.

Mara went home Saturday evening, but Mosley arrived Sunday morning. Mosley is an adorable 12-month-old yellow lab. Only a few minutes after getting dropped off, Mosley and I headed to church. Mosley settled at my feet and slept through the meeting while the kids around us had fun watching him.

After church Mosley helped me tackle the last of the unpacking in my office. He loved laying in all of the packing paper and peering into each new box. Having Mosley around made the chore fun.

Mosley will be with me until Saturday's puppy meeting, so I'll post more of our adventures together later.


  1. Everything's more fun with a dog IMO :)

  2. Awww! I LOVE the picture of Mosley and the boxes! It's adorable! I'm glad you're all moved in and am anxious to hear how Mosley did at school.

    (And I'm even more excited for the Kyle pics and stories!)

  3. What great friends you have! How wonderful that they joined in to make light work of all the drudgery for you. It's also nice that Mosely & Mara have been there to keep you company until Kyle's arrival. It's kind of them to break in your new home, car, and classroom by leaving their puppy scents (and I'm certain a few hairs) behind to welcome Master Kyle. Cute pics!

  4. I love the pic of Mosley in the boxes. Love it! CAn't wait to meet Kyle.