Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Six Things at Six Months

Happy half-birthday Kyle! People, and dogs, need more than one special day a year. Thanks to a great roommate, I now understand the worth of celebrating half-birthdays. Yesterday was Kyle's special day.

In honor of Kyle being six months (and a day) old, here are six great things about him.
  1. Kyle is wonderfully behaved on outings and receives lots of complements.
  2. Kyle's best command is "do your business." Honestly, I've never met a guide dog half as good as him at obeying this command.
  3. Kyle loves people. He is happiest when he is getting some human attention.
  4. With his head collar, Kyle has mastered walking on a loose leash.
  5. Kyle has learned to settle himself really well. He is great at sleeping through my teaching and church.
  6. Kyle is a cuddle bug. I can always count on him laying on my lap or legs just to be near me. By far, this is my favorite thing about him!

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