Monday, May 17, 2010

Vet Visit

Kyle came off the truck with a bag of special puppy chow. It turns out that he has a history of tummy trouble. As of Friday, he hadn't been sick with me. However, I got strict instructions to take him to the vet the moment he got sick instead of trying a bland diet first. I have to admit that worried me.

My club leader wanted me to get Kyle in to meet his vet before we had any issues, so off we went. At the vet's office Kyle wanted to play with with a cute poodle in the the waiting room, but she didn't want much to do with him. More than that, Kyle was a model patient.

Kyle weighed in at 37.1 pounds. At that weight, he is bigger than labs who are much older than him in our club. I think he still looks small, but he seems destined to be a good size. The vet declared that he is going to be tall and lanky. We'll see if her prophecy proves true.

We spent a bit of time looking at Kyle's old vet records. In the end, Kyle was put on 21 days of Tylan powder to help his digestive tract. I had just taken him to two feedings a day. Since he has to have medicine three times a day, we went back to three feeding a day. Kyle is much happier about that fact than I am.

I also found out that Kyle's food is a prescription food. After a phone call to every vet in the county, I still cannot locate a bag of it before he will run out of the current bag. Yikes! My vet had the adult formula in stock, but that won't help him. Kyle needs to be transitioned to a regular puppy chow anyway, so now is the perfect time. I did learn that a 33% change in food is way too drastic for my little guy and ended up making him sick. Sorry Kyle! Thankfully, that was quickly cleared up. Now I am adding two more kibbles of the new food to each meal. He is up to 14 new kibbles and doing great! Doing things this way, he will have just enough to eat until our new bag of food comes on Thursday. The new food should be the last bag of prescription food. Yea!

(By the end of our vet's visit, Kyle was showing off his "puppy dog" eyes. I think having his temperature checked had something to do with that.)

As a reward for being such a great patient, Kyle and I headed to PetSmart. I have to brag about my puppy! He behaved perfectly in that store. Kyle absolutely ignored everything unless invited to investigate. Several people stopped us and complemented him. One lovely brindled great dane puppy got to greet him, but Kyle pretty much ignored the girl. He didn't even look twice at an adorable 12-week-old yellow lab that I wanted play with. My boy is amazing!

(Kyle loved watching the little critters when I pointed them out to him. Two men were actually trying to buy a rat so we moved past them after a minute.)


  1. Rocco's on 3 weeks of Tylon as well. His bad tummy kept coming back when we started to transition to ProPlan. I like you'r idea of adding 2 more kibbles every meal. :)

    Rocco weighed 38.4 pounds at 16 weeks last Wednesday. Yikes! I almost want to take him into the vet every week to see how much weight he's gained.

  2. Lol... one of Boo's favorite things to do at Petco is stare at all the little critters, particularly the ferretts and sometimes the rats!

    Glad to hear your little guy is doing better. Love ya! :)

  3. Dear Kyle,
    Now I know you were meant to be in Amanda's family! All the boys/men in her family are tall & lanky, too! ALL of them!
    Please let Amanda know that her Uncle Josh works right next to an Rx that can likely fill & ship your yum-yums before you run out. All she will need is the prescription and my debit # and you will be set. Uncle Josh is really great (and has a wonderful Dog that goes to the doggie park in Vegas w/ him regularly.) He would love to help you out, buddy.
    xoxox ~Granny

  4. Erin--Wow! Rocco is going to be a huge dog! I wish I could take the credit for the two kibble at a time idea, but my club leader actually came up with it to help her daughter's dog transition to adult food. I'm amazed how well it works. In just a few days Kyle is already getting almost a quarter of his food (26 kibbles) from the new food. I just put them in the bottom of the cup before measuring and fill it the rest of the way with the old food. You'll have to let me know if the idea works for Rocco.

  5. Cute dog! Good to hear you are doing well!