Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kyle's First Full Day

I debated whether or not I should take Kyle’s first day off work so that I could just spend it with him. As fate had it, I got sick and had to call in a substitute teacher, so the decision was made for me.

We did get up in the morning to go put sub plans on my desk. The same students who made the welcome Mosley sign had made one for Kyle.

(This is the sign my students made. It says “Welcome Kyle” and has a puppy in a green vest.)

I ended up teaching part of first hour until the sub could get there. That was actually ideal as far as Kyle was concerned because it meant that he got to experience just a small taste of school before having to go all day.

When we got home Kyle was a great sport and played well on tie down while I slept for two more hours. Then we ventured downstairs where I put up the baby gate to barricade him in the living room. Kyle has great house manners! I’m so thankful for that. He played wonderfully with his toys while I worked on my thesis.

When the mail came, Kyle got a package. Ruby sent him the Kong prize he won on her blog. It took a minute to get Kyle interested in the package, but he ended up loving it.

(Kyle is investigating the packing peanuts in the package from Ruby.)

Kyle decided that his favorite toy in the package was the tiny Kong on a keychain. He ran all over the living room with it in his mouth and even tried to chew it. With the bigger Kongs available, I just had to laugh. Obviously Kyle doesn’t subscribe to the philosophy that bigger is better.

(Kyle is lying on his blue dog bed and happily chewing on my mini Kong keychain.)

After a bit Kyle decided that I could have my keychain. He investigated the Kong Wobbler and regular Kong. Now the regular Kong is one of his favorite toys. Thank you Ruby!

(Kyle finally found one of the actual dog toys interesting and is playing with the Kong Wobbler. I love how his ears are fanned out because his head is upside down.)

Later in the day I started feeling a lot better. I decided Kyle and I would go on a short adventure to the library. (You know I’m an English nerd when the first places I take my puppy are school and the library.) Kyle really struggled walking into the library, but once we turned in our books and found a table, he played with his new Kong at my feet. He eventually settled down for a nap. I tried to get a picture of him sleeping under the table with his legs straight in the air, but he woke up when I tried. Kyle was a great sport for most of the outing, but I made the mistake of pushing the limits of his endurance and kept him there so long that he got restless. After having Mosley last week, I have to remember that Kyle is still new to this working in public thing. Overall, I was happy with how he did, and I am looking forward to many more outings with him.

In the evening I discovered that one of Kyle’s activities is playing with his rope tug toy. He is missing several teeth, and I think pulling and chewing on the rope feels good on his gums. Hopefully all of his adult teeth will come in soon!

Kyle has a lot of spunk. His feisty yet gentle personality will serve him well as a future guide dog!


  1. I love all the pictures! It's so fun to finally see him and get a feel for his personality. He's a cutie! I think my favorite is how much he loved the kong keychain... adorable! And the board art from your students is priceless! Love it! :)

  2. "Boys and their toys!" It's fun to see Kyle with his. I think it's great that your students have adopted Kyle already and given him an extended family. I know getting sick was miserable for you, especially right before Kyle's first day of school. It's good to hear you got to feeling better sooner rather than later. Hugs to you both.

  3. So glad to hear Kyle enjoyed the Kongs! Thank you for posting pix, they are adorable.

    Sounds like he is off to a great start in public life. Those early outings provide such happy (and silly) puppy memories. :)