Friday, May 14, 2010

Kyle Inspired Poetry

One of my students decided to make Kyle the subject of everything he wrote for one class period. During writer's notebook time students have ten minutes to write whatever they want, so he wrote a rap. We studied haikus during class. This student somehow convinced me that Kyle is a nature theme, so he also wrote a haiku about the little guy. Enjoy! (All grammar and punctuation are true to the author's original writing.)

So I walked into English class today.
I looked right down and the thing looked away.
He has 4 legs with a tail.
When it comes to blind people he will not fail.
Helping blind people is his trend
Thats the reason he's My Best Friend
Everyone loves him you cant pretend
When it comes to attention he can't comprehend
He's very smart and has lot's of style
He's a hero, His name is Kyle!
For warm ups he runs a mile
pick him first and he will make it worth while
He is big and his mom is small
He's not a baby so he does not crawl.
He is super cool you can't deny
Without Wings he can still fly!
He's the best dog ever! and that is why
At first sight you'll start to cry

trained professional
praises to cherished partner
second precious eyes


  1. Awesome job! Tell your student that service puppies near and far all agree that he is very talented. :)

  2. I love the haiku! Priceless! :)

  3. Amanda, Please let this student know that his passion and talent both come through in his work. Also, let Kyle know that he is truly inspiring. Grin.

  4. I love the's worth saving and reading to his future owner.