Sunday, August 15, 2010

Variety from the Puppy Truck

Thursday a much anticipated puppy truck came to Utah. Most of my puppy club gathered at the truck to celebrate the arrival of three new puppies.

 (For those who haven't seen a picture before, this is our puppy stork...the puppy truck.)

The first puppy that came off the truck for our club went to a first time raiser. The raiser has tons of contagious enthusiasm that spread to her family and our club. She brought her father, children, and grandchildren to meet their new arrival.

(Our new raiser couldn't stop bouncing around in excitement as the drivers retrieved her pup.)

This addition ended up being a female yellow lab named Antigua. She has a wonderful darker color and seems to be a petite little thing.

(Antigua with her new mom.)

The second puppy that came off the truck for our club went to a second time raiser. While we are all excited for the new addition, it meant that Spike was headed to formal training/breeder evaluations. Good luck Spike!

This new club puppy is a male black lab named Clyde. His name sounds fitting of a horse. Since Clyde was way bigger than the other two puppies our club received, it seems that his name suits him.

(Clyde with his new mom. Look at the size of those paws!)

The last addition two our club is one of two celebrities in the puppy raising world right now. Megan is extremely lucky to be raising the little guy as her tenth puppy. Ever since Megan found out that he was headed our way, she could hardly contain her excitement.

(Megan waiting for her new arrival.)

Everyone spent the week debating this new arrival's name. I wanted Swiss or Smores, but another raiser got a last minute, prophetic vote in with a candy bar.

(Megan holding a Snickers bar.)

After much anticipation one of the first two chocolate labs born in sixteen years joined our club. Little Snickers is sure going to get a lot of attention over the next year of life in our club.

(Megan and Snickers meeting each other as they touch noses. He is a gentle little guy.)

The best part of our new arrivals is that we got a puppy in each color lab possible. What great variety! It will be fun to watch such unique puppies grow up alongside each other.

(Snickers with Megan, Antigua with her raiser, and Clyde with his raiser in front of the puppy truck.)

These puppies have a lot to learn, but the have great raisers that will get them there. The preliminary reports from their raisers suggest that they are doing incredibly!

(Snickers tried on Kyle's large puppy jacket to show just how much growing he has to do.)

Finally, since I had practically ignored Kyle for the whole outing while I played with younger pups, I had to get a picture of Kyle in front of the truck. Thanks Kyle for being well behaved and letting me play. I still love you even if you aren't tiny any more!

(My big guy in front of the puppy truck. Even if the baby puppies are cute, I wouldn't trade them for my boy!)

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  1. Clyde must have been that giant black lab in that one puppy cam. He looked SO much bigger than all the other puppies. :)