Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School Help?

Right now Kyle and I are sitting in my classroom getting ready for school to start next week. I just decided to send a paper home with my students on the first day of school explaining the volunteer work I am doing with Kyle and whatever puppy follows him in the spring.

Have any puppy raisers out there made fliers to pass out to classmates, coworkers, etc? If you have, would you mind sharing them with me?

Even if you haven't passed anything out, what do you think I should include?


  1. I haven't passed anything out, but some of my teachers introduced Meade to the class and said not to touch him. I did, however, put a flier on the bulletin board in my drama classroom saying what I was doing and then there was a list of guide dog etiquette from the GDB website.

    If I can find the document I'll send it to you.
    Here is the guide dog etiquette: http://www.guidedogs.com/site/PageServer?pagename=resources_access_meetguide

  2. I would explain that he's not a pet. I never quite got that through to my principle. He never got past the idea that Freya was a "DOG" and therefor had to be a pet. And since he's not a pet he's got some special rules that include things like not being allowed to play in jacket.

    I like the idea of guide dog etiquette. They should post that everywhere like in store windows and what not. :)

  3. I send out a letter to all my classmates and professors at the beginning of each semester. It is to college students but if you would like to look at it, copy and edit it or whatever feel free - here is the link to the blog post that contains it


    Hope it helps!

  4. I'm not sure what grade you teach but I know you can email GDB at information@guidedogs.com and request coloring pages that have information about raising GDB and how to interact with them.

    I feel like it is in on their website some where too (I think I have the link saved at home). If I find it, I'll post it. :)

  5. Found it! :)

    If you click on GDB 101 Classroom Education Projects. It's a LARGE pdf file but starting on page 13 of the actual document it shows activities for K-4, and page 15, Grades 5-8.

    It really doesn't answer your question as far as a "letter" but there is some fun stuff to do! :)

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to make the handout today and will post it when it is completed.

    For those of you who don't know, I teach 10th grade regular and honors English and 10th, 11th, and 12th grade ESL.

    I think some of the upper level activities on Guide Dog's website would be at just the right reading level for my ESL students. :)

  7. By the way, ESL means English as a Second Language. I should have explained that. Oops!