Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nine Things at Nine Months

Kyle is three quarters of a year old! I love how grown up my boy is getting, but I want to freeze him right now. The nasty realization that nine months is six months away from fifteen months hit me a few days ago. In simpler English, that means Kyle and I only have about half a year left together. Yikes! Six months isn't long enough.

Knowing Kyle, that is more than enough time for him to be ready for formal harness training though. He is a great puppy who is rapidly growing into an incredible dog!

In honor of his nine month birthday, here are nine fun things about Kyle.
  1. Kyle is 100% trustworthy off leash in my room at night. He has never misbehaved while I'm asleep even if I decide to sleep in.
  2. Kyle is growing up behaviorally and physically. He is now wearing his adult collar and a large puppy jacket. He is still as skinny as ever though.
  3. At the start of the month Kyle outgrew his gentle leader, and I haven't replaced it. He's been head collar free for four weeks now!
  4. This may be silly, but Kyle finally decided he is capable of holding his own bone while he gnaws on it. He still prefers that I hold it, but he is exhibiting more independence.
  5. Kyle loves ice cubes! He can chomp them in no time flat. When we go out to eat fast food, I order him a cup of ice because it makes him so happy. Kyle will stop whatever he is doing and run to me if he hears the freezer open. I'm excited to see if his fascination with ice continues as winter approaches.
  6. I often get asked if Kyle is sick or tired because he loves to sprawl out on cold tile or linoleum. If we stand in any line for very long, his well formed down changes to a sprawl so that he can cool down more.
  7. Kyle's personality is perfect for a guide dog. He prefers to go nonstop and really can work all day without getting worn out. However, if I ask him to settle at my feet, he's asleep or at least calmly resting within seconds. I love it!
  8. Kyle has won the hearts of all my coworkers. I cannot count the number of teachers and staff that have stopped me in the halls the past few days to complement Kyle's behavior. He really has been a model student.
  9. This is selfish, but I love how much Kyle loves me. Dogs really are man's best friend. Of course, I'm rather fond of him, too!
Happy nine months Kyle! You are well on your way to being a phenomenal guide dog!

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  1. Happy 9 month Kyle! It's hard to think that all these dogs are growing up so fast.