Sunday, August 29, 2010

Middle of the Night Adventure

In Kyle's nine month post, I mentioned that he has complete freedom in my room at night and has never broken my trust. My sister Kassie was here for the weekend, and her dog Boo also slept free in the room. Since Boo and Kyle basically ignore each other, that didn't change Kyle's routine much.

However, last night Kyle was acting weird. I woke up in the middle of the night because Kyle was pacing the floor. He never stirs from his dog bed until morning, so that caught my attention. I got out of bed to comfort him, but he wouldn't settle down. Since I was intent on sleeping even if Kyle wanted to be awake, I finally resorted to tying him down at the head of the bed.

I don't know how long that lasted before Kyle started crying...literally. He whined really loud over and over. Kyle may be a barker, but he isn't much of a whiner. Several times I patted him and rolled over, but he wouldn't settle. After a bit Kyle jumped on me. Because he was tied down, he couldn't get on the bed all the way, but Kyle's front paws landed right on me. That move finally broke through my sleepy mind and startled me awake. I realized something was wrong with Kyle.

The moment I got out of bed and grabbed Kyle's leash, he calmed down. When I opened the bedroom door, he ran down the stairs and stood at the front door. That is when I realized that I had left it unlocked. I had a slight panic attack and was hesitant to open the door. Was whatever upset Kyle on the other side of my unlocked door?

I calmed myself and decided to head outside. After all, Kyle could protect me, right? Whatever! If I ever get attacked, all I think Kyle would do is jump on the person and lick them. He is just that friendly.

When we got outside, Kyle pulled me to the grass and went to the bathroom immediately. Kyle had normal "business" right before bed, but now he was sick. Poor little guy! I felt like a jerk making him work for so long to wake me up so that he could do his business.

There is a point to this long story. I am so proud of Kyle for not having an accident in the house. When I ignored him over and over, he could have given up on me, but he didn't. I've often wondered how strong Kyle's house training is. Now I know. There is no need for me to worry about him having accidents. Way to go boy! He seriously amazed me.

I still cannot figure out what triggered Kyle getting sick when he was healthy at 11:00 pm and sick at 4:00 am. Thankfully, he seems a little sleepy but otherwise fine today. He even went to church with me and seemed happy to be out and about.

Since I've been bad about including pictures with my recent posts, here's a cute one Kassie snapped on her phone last night. This is not staged. Kyle voluntarily positioned himself this way in my lap. He was chewing his bone, but then he started falling asleep like this. Silly boy!

(Kyle lying in my lap on his back with his hind legs splayed. One front leg is hanging down his torso and the other is hugging my arm. His back is twisted in a weird way.)

P.S. I woke up the morning and realized that I forgot to lock the door when I came in from Kyle's bathroom break. It's a good thing nobody tried to break in last night.


  1. Good Boy Kyle! I hope he feels better soon! Poor puppy.

    Freya did that once, but she gave up on me but I didn't blame her because it was just liquid coming out of her...and not pee. I felt so bad and didn't blame her one little bit.

  2. Wow what a good boy! It's great that that he was able to hold it as long as he did.
    He should get lots of loves and cookies for that. :)

  3. Kyle really is such a good boy for being only 9 months... quite impressive really!

    This weekend was so fun! I wish we had snapped more photos this weekend! I'm glad that one turned out good though after photo shopping... love ya! :)