Sunday, August 15, 2010


Friday Kyle celebrated a special event with me. I received my master's degree as Kyle cheered me on.

I debated walking across the stage with Kyle since I've seen several great pictures of other raisers doing just that. After much debate, I decided to be less conspicuous. Hence, my friend Liz and her husband Luke kept Kyle in the audience for me. I wanted Kyle to be there for the event, and this seemed like the perfect compromise.

After graduation  I met up with Liz, Luke, and Kyle. Liz completed the same master's degree I just received. In fact, she was my encouragement to go back to school. Throughout the program, Liz understood all of the up and downs and was one of my biggest cheerleaders. At graduation she brought me a beautiful bouquet.

(Kyle though my flowers smelled wonderful and wanted to eat them. I love his tongue reaching toward the bouquet.)

We found my thesis chair and I got a picture with her. Remember this is the woman who doesn't really like dogs. After we took a couple human only pictures, my chair is the one who suggested that we get a couple shots with Kyle in them. I love that woman and her support of all aspects of my life!

(Kyle in front of me and my thesis chair. I'm actually wearing the my chair's graduation gown and hood from her master's degree.)

I didn't start puppy raising again until I finished the coursework for my degree. Kyle arrived a couple weeks after my last class ended. Having him around for this stressful summer of thesis work sure made the process a lot more enjoyable. Thank you Kyle for cuddling me when I was too stressed to think and for giving me an excuse to take a break and go for a walk! We made it!

A year from now I hope the roles are reversed as I get to attend Kyle's graduation!


  1. Congrats! I'll bet it's nice to have it all over. You are amazing!

  2. Congratulations! That's one big step and I'm glad Kyle was there to share it with you!