Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One of My Other Passions: OSSO

I love maintaining this blog. It is a wonderful opportunity save memories of Kyle for both me and Kyle's future partner. It also helps me connect to other puppy raisers throughout the country. However, one shortcoming of a blog focused on Kyle is that I only record parts of my life. I am passionate about helping others through service dogs, but there are other things activities that also pull at my heart strings.

When I was two-years-old, my parents adopted my sister Nicki, who was also two-years-old, from the Philippines. The experience of growing up in a family comprised of biological and adopted children gave me the desire to work in orphanages as an adult. In 2002, I made that dream a reality.

I spent the months of May-August of 2002 volunteering in orphanages in Quito, Ecuador. In Ecuador I learned to give everything I have to love someone fully. Rarely a day goes by when I do not think about my babies. Half of my heart still resides in Ecuador.

Truth be told, if we had orphanages in the United States, I'd work there instead of being a school teacher. I loved my time in the orphanages that much! If I get my way, I will do more orphanage volunteer trips in my life, preferably sooner rather than later.

The program that allowed me to fulfill my lifelong dream of serving in an orphanage is called OSSO, which is short for Orphanage Support Services Organization. They are an incredible non-profit organization that supplies volunteers for several orphanages and runs one orphanage of their own.

Right now OSSO is short on volunteers. Do you know anyone who would love to spend a few months in Ecuador working with amazing children? The country is beautiful and the children are even more beautiful. OSSO helps change the lives of orphans, but it changes the lives of the volunteers just as much.

If you have any questions about OSSO, you can visit their website or leave me a comment.

 (These are a few of the kids OSSO works with. I love that the little boy in the back row accidentally has his flag upside down. )

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