Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phase 0

Kyle is on GDB's phase report!

Kyle     45X7     LAB     M     0

Basically, seeing Kyle's name on the phase report means that he made it to campus safe and sound. Phase 0 is the medical evaluation phase which means that Kyle hasn't started formal training yet. Hopefully by next week he'll start climbing the numbers.

It completely made my day to see that little 0 by Kyle's name. I miss my boy, but I'm thankful he's getting the chance to learn everything we spent the last year preparing for. Go Kyle go!

In family news, two of Kyle's brothers are in formal training. Kearney is in phase 1 and Kendrick is in phase 7. I love watching them progress too.


  1. I hope Kyle goes through physicals faster than Freya. Freya sat in 1 (back in the 10 phase system) for a month. Hope he hops out soon.

  2. I still waiting for Truffie to get her 0. She has been up there since May 1st. I know she is scheduled to fixed, but I would hope they would at least put her name on the list.