Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kennel Naps

When Kyle was little, he slept in some really weird positions. I think Rio's nap choice today takes the cake though.

(Rio sleeping in a too small kennel with his head smashed in the corner and his leg hanging out.)

Rio has easily outgrown his medium kennel. The big boy is already 42.8 pounds! That's only 19 pounds lighter than Kyle's 61.8 pounds. Crazy!

At home Rio gets to sleep in Kyle's large kennel, and the medium one at home stands empty. Kyle, on the other hand, sleeps free and has since he was six-months-old. Rio voluntarily chooses to nap in this medium kennel at work. He's on a tie-down and doesn't have to be cramped.

I should get Rio a bigger kennel, but the truth is that he will inherit Kyle's kennel and comfy dog beds in nine days. We're not talking about that right now though. Okay?

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