Thursday, February 24, 2011

Record Breaking Destruction

Two weeks ago, I posted a picture of a sterilized bone Kyle had destroyed in a month and a half--his fastest time yet. The silly boy must have taken that as a challenge because last night he beat his record.

Kyle destroyed a sterilized bone in 13 days!

(Kyle looking at his slivered bone.)

Before I buy Kyle a sterilized bone, I inspect it for any sign of weakness. I also examine his bones frequently. He's just to destructive with them not to do so. I can attest that this bone was in perfect shape (minus one worn end) yesterday afternoon.

After puppy class, Kyle immediately ran to get his favorite toy. I was shocked when a few minutes later he proudly brought me the biggest piece of what remained of his bone. I didn't even know it was possible to break a sterilized bone lengthwise! Much to Kyle's dismay, I confiscated the piece he brought me and cleaned up the rest.

(A closeup of Kyle's bone broken into at least six pieces of varying sizes.)

Does anyone have a pup that can destroy bones this quickly? I think Turk and Mesa each had one sterilized bone to last the entire year of puppy raising. I am amazed by Kyle's jaw strength. Thank goodness the boy is socialized not to bite!

Since a sterilized bone is the only toy that entertains Kyle for any length of time, we need a replacement asap. After work we're off to PetSmart again. This time I think we'll pick up two bones and save ourselves a trip next week.


  1. Have you tried the Goughnut Sticks? I wonder if he could break through that...

  2. If you look in Kyle's kennel in the picture, you'll can barely see his goughnut stick. :) Kyle will play with it for a couple of minutes at a time, but the sterilized bones are the only toys that hold Kyle's attention. He's addicted to them.