Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Favorite Toy

Goodbye sterilized bones--Kyle's got a new favorite toy.

(Kyle's carrying a vinegar bottle while looking down at another decimated sterilized bone.)

Kyle has beaten his all time record and destroyed his newest sterilized bone in a month and a half. Truth be told, I should have taken it away a couple of weeks ago making the destruction time one month flat.

In an attempt to entertain Kyle last night, I gave him a new toy...a vinegar bottle. GDB allows puppies to play with hard plastic bottles, but I don't drink gallons of ice tea or orange juice, and I rarely use up a bottle of laundry detergent. This vinegar bottle did the trick. Kyle happily played with it until it was smashed flat and nothing was left of the original form. I don't think Kyle's ever self entertained better.

So how long did said bottle last? Fifteen minutes. Sigh! Do any of my local friends have a bottle they could spare to make a cute puppy's day?

In the mean time, Kyle and I are headed to PetSmart after work to buy sterilized bone number 659,203.


  1. About once a month one of my leaders would bring 3-4 hard plastic bottles she had acquired and passed them out because we all were always needing new ones.

  2. If I lived closer, I would give you mine! Just being my husband and I, we don't go through a ton of either but hey, I just recycle them right now!

    Your post reminded me I need to order some for our GDB club. Thanks! :)

  3. Yesterday we visited another puppy raising family. They currently have two PITs...Julimae and Silvana. When we got there, they had a jug for Kyle to play with. When Kyle and I went to leave, they told me to take it. They'd been saving it for Kyle even though both of their puppies could have used it.

    Have I mentioned recently how much I love my club?