Thursday, February 24, 2011

15 Things at 15 Months

Today Kyle's age ticker at the top of this blog changed to a milestone I've been dreading since the day Kyle arrived.

Kyle is 15-months-old. From here on out, Kyle is available for recall. Thankfully, there isn't a puppy truck coming to Utah anytime soon, and we haven't heard word on anyone who can fly Kyle to California or Oregon. Thus, it looks like my boy is staying with me for the time being. Woohoo!

Without further ado, here are 15 things that make Kyle a stellar GDB puppy-in-training.
  1. Kyle does the best puppy pushups ever.
  2. I've procrastinated teaching Kyle "stand." Last weekend I asked a puppy sitter to work on it. He picked up the command in a couple days. Thanks Jill!
  3. Our CFR once told us that one of the most important training opportunities is neighborhood walks because a lot of formal training takes place in neighborhoods. Kyle is superb on walks.
  4. Kyle loves his kibble. He will do just about anything to earn the right to eat his meals. Just don't ask him to do something that puts the food bowl out of his sight.
  5. Kyle is easy to puppy handle. As a young puppy, Kyle fought having me invade his personal space. Now he thinks nothing of my fingers in his ears or mouth.
  6. The energizer bunny never stops. Kyle can still go for hours on end with no sign of getting tired.
  7. That said, Kyle has learned to sleep through the work day instead of constantly soliciting attention from my students. Yea!
  8. For a long time Kyle was so excited over being petted that nobody could touch him in public. Now he sits still and almost looks bored when people greet him. Every now and then Kyle will still sneak in a kiss for good measure though.
  9. Kyle loves to be out and about and is always ready for an adventure. He's learned to run to the door and sit patiently whenever I pick up a leash.
  10. Wait. Kyle will "wait" to enter and exit the car, to eat, to leave his kennel, and to cross the street whenever I ask. I've never mentioned how much he rocks at this command, but it is an incredibly useful one that we use multiple times a day.
  11. After several months in a head collar, Kyle is again working on a flat collar in calm training situations. We both love the freedom.
  12. Kyle understands our routine and can anticipate what we are going to do each step of the day. At the same time, he is flexible about adapting to changes.
  13. Another raiser recently complemented Kyle's "do your business" command. Seriously, Kyle is the easiest dog to relieve, and he is completely trustworthy indoors. It's so nice not to worry about accidents.
  14. Kyle is a stinking handsome dog. While that isn't necessary for guide work, I figure it sure helps for publicity's sake.
  15. Kyle loves working. His work ethic never ceases to amaze me. Way to go Kyle!
Whether Kyle and I have a couple days or a couple months left together, I'm going to treasure every minute of it. I sure love my boy!


  1. Amanda - your leader said there were over 300 ready for recall? Truffie was born Nov. 14th. So she is old enough to be considered. I hate it, the whole time I had her, we expected 16 months to be the recall. We feel short changed by a month. We though there wasn't going to be a truck to So. Cal in March, but I guess they scheduled one. Glad you get some more time with Kyle.

  2. It's so funny how two brothers can be so different. Kendrick has this really mellow sort of, "Ho Hum" attitude. :D But I hear he's showing a little more energy while out as of late. They're both really handsome boys though.

    We've got two pups available for consideration. Amici and Kendrick are both November boys and Pauli was born in early December soo...I guess if they really needed another pup he could be eligible. Here's looking for another month or two with all of them.

  3. It's crazy how quick your time with him has flown by! He really does seem to have turned into a good dog, though!

  4. Carrie--My CFR was here for evaluations two weeks ago. At that point Kyle was still two weeks shy of 15 months and was listed as 150/300. I figure that means the list contains pups that are actually ready for recall and pups that will be old enough soon. By now, I'm sure he's moved up on the list.

    Utah's first puppy truck of the year is usually in April, so I might get to keep my boy until 16.5 months. Of course, he could also fly back. Kyle is the only dog in Utah ready for recall right now, so he is a bit of an odd case. (We have one female golden older than Kyle, but she needs a bit longer with her raisers.)

    If the puppy truck from your area waits two weeks, you'll still get to keep your girl until 16 months. My fingers are crossed for you. :)