Friday, January 21, 2011

Furminator Rivisited

I started this blog the day my FURminator arrived in the mail. It was a silly place to begin a tale, but I was too excited to wait for a puppy before I began blogging about my adventures.

Now that Kyle has been with me for what feels like forever, I decided to post a review of our furminator as a followup to that post from long ago.

With Turk, Mesa, and all of my pets in the past, I've tried every type of brush imaginable to curb the immense amount of hair they loved to share with my home. Nothing worked to my liking. With that said, the FURminator passes all tests.

When I got Kyle, he didn't like the FURminator one bit. He tried to bite it while I was using it. It was weird. I used to put Kyle in his head collar while brushing him so that I could control him with one hand and brush him with the other.

(Kassie furminating Boo while I am furminating Kyle.)

Despite Kyle's negative initial reaction to the FURminator, I loved the results enough to recommend it to everyone I know. At this point, my sisters, my dad, my aunt, and several friends now own these useful brushes and happily use them to control their pet's shedding.

Somewhere along the line, Kyle learned to love the FURminator. Now he goes belly up to get some extra scratching from the brush whenever I pull it out. I've not encountered another dog with a negative reaction, so I'm guessing that Kyle's reaction was out of the ordinary.

These days, I notice a huge difference in the cleanliness of my car and home if I keep up with Kyle's furminating. When I slacked for a bit, I paid the price in vaccuming time. I'd much rather groom Kyle!

(Boo and Kyle showing off the fur they would have deposited all over if Kassie and I hadn't furminated them.)

I've convinced enough people offline to buy these handy brushes. If any online friends don't have a FURminator, I highly recommend getting one. However, here is the most important hint in this entire blog post--don't buy your furminator in a pet store. They are only $15 on ebay. I love a good bargain!

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