Friday, January 28, 2011

School Friends

I've often alluded to the entourage of friends that Kyle has at school. I have to laugh because I recently realized that Kyle has a group of kids that visit him before school, another during lunch, and a third after school. The surprising thing about these kids...I haven't taught any of them. Kyle sure is one popular pup!

One student loves dogs, but her parents and siblings are allergic to them. How horrible would that be? Thus, she and six or so of her friends love to stop by and get some puppy time.

 (Kyle and three girls saying hello in the morning.)

(Kyle getting loved on by the three at once.)

At lunch time, another group stops by. One girl in particular likes to get dog training tips. I love hearing about her excitement working with her pet.

(Kyle loves getting scratched by this girl.)

The students that hang out after school are siblings of my friends and former students. They love using my room as a meeting place because they get to sneak in a game of tug while waiting for their rides and after school activities.

Thankfully, Kyle isn't spoiled by all the attention. Kyle's learned to enjoy the play time while it lasts and then settle down for the next class. That in and of itself is a big improvement and accomplishment on Kyle's part.

(Kyle absolutely relaxed. He's actually surrounded by students paying him attention, but they are cropped out by the camera angle.)

Life is good when you are the top dog on campus!

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