Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister!

Kyle and I went to Wingers this weekend to celebrate my sister Kassie's birthday.

Kassie, a couple friends, and I stuffed ourselves on popcorn, sticky fingers, and pie.

 (Kassie holding a giant slice of pie that we shamelessly devoured.)

Meanwhile, Kyle demonstrated his best guide dog skills by dozing under the table. Wouldn't life be great if good manners for humans dictated that we nap whenever we weren't moving?

(Kyle enjoying a snooze under the table.)

I may have a plethora of siblings, but Kassie is the only sister close enough to see on a regular basis. I love that she enthusiastically supports me in my puppy raising adventures. Kyle couldn't ask for a better cheerleader. Of course, he is rather fond of Kassie as well.

 (Kassie and I together at the restaurant.)

I hope this year is the best one yet for you, sister. May your dreams come true!

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  1. Thanks sister! It was so great having you and Kyle here! It was fun to have someone around that understands just how dependant I am on my dog and is willing to work their schedule around her like I do. Everyone was so impressed by Kyle's manners in public... I wish we had taken a picture at church!

    I love you a ton! You made my birthday fantastic! :)