Saturday, April 17, 2010

Starting the tale...

Every tale has to start somewhere. Perhaps the logical place to start this story is still two months off. On June 25th my third puppy that I'll raise for Guide Dogs for the Blind is due to arrive. So far as I know, he hasn't even been born. In fact, all I know about him is his gender. Because I don't have a fenced back yard to contain a female when she is in season, I will definitely get a male puppy.

While my puppy's arrival is two months off, I am anxious to meet him. In preparation, I've had way too much fun shopping online. Today my first purchase came in the mail. My FURminator should keep my car, home, and clothing puppy hair free. Because this is the first symbol of my pup's impending arrival, I am oddly excited about a dog brush. In fact, it is next to me on the couch right now. Call me crazy!

Although a dog brush is a silly place to start a puppy raising journey, that's where this one began. Soon more exciting adventures will follow.


  1. Hello Sister! I am so excited to read your blog! It will be tons of fun! Let me know how the furminator works works for you! I was excited when I saw you got one, actually way excited, because I've been wanting to get one but wanted someone's testimonial first. Let me know how it works out for you!

    And as for having the brush beside you on the couch... I totally understand. I'm a dog lover too! :)

  2. Howdy,
    So excited about all the new puppies coming in the next couple months.

    I bought a furminator a few years back and I absolutely love it. Each time I use it I get enough fur off my pup to make a brand new pup, or a sweater, still trying to get that plan to work. . .

    You can test it out on Paris in a few weeks too. ;)

  3. Oh, and you can check out my blog too if you'd like, the web address is

  4. I have added you to my Google Reader, and look forward to hearing more! I like the way you write, so this should be fun!

    My less entertaining blogs include my artwork: and my general blog:

  5. Hi,
    I am super excited to see what your puppies name is and all that fun stuff. Though I am not really excited about the fact that Mara will be leaving. If you want to check out my blog the web address is if you would like.

  6. How exciting for your new puppy to come! I love the furminator ... so helpful and Cricket thinks it is a nice back massage.

  7. Yay for puppy breath!!! I'm also a puppy raiser, raising #4 for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, he's a lab/golden x named Pompei.
    I am planning on purchasing a furminator sooon as Pomps is shedding like CRAZY!!