Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Luck Picassa

Three weeks ago Picassa and Kyle traded places for a few days. I got the privilege of hosting Picassa for her last puppy trade. Let me tell you, I already liked the girl, but Picassa completely won my heart that week. Picassa also managed to charm my neighbors and convince my coworker to beg to keep her as a pet.

(Picassa posing with my neighbor. The two played wonderfully together.)

Picassa was a pro on all our outings. I cannot remember having to give her a single correction. After a couple days with Picassa, the girl managed to teach me a few things I can do better in training Kyle. She is ready for formal training!

(Picassa under the table at my favorite sushi restaurant.)
Six months ago, Picassa and Kyle arrived on the same puppy truck as transfer pups from Colorado. Today Picassa got back on that truck and headed to California to begin her formal training. I cannot believe how time has flown. Picassa is being evaluated for breeding, and I think she would make a sweet mama dog. If not, I have a mental image of just the person she could be partnered with as a guide. Everything's up to Picassa though, and if service work isn't her thing, she'll be the best pet anyone can ask for.

Picassa isn't traveling alone. Christina, a black lab from our club, is also returning to campus for breeder evaluations and training. I don't know Christina as well Picassa, but I'm cheering for her too!

Today I had a hard realization. Now that Picassa and Christina are recalled, the next dogs in our club to leave will be Sugar and Kyle. Noooooooooo! That is still four months away, but I don't like the idea that my boy is the next to head to campus. I'll just repress that thought and live in denial for the time being.


  1. I find denial is always the way to go. I really couldn't do that in my club with Freya though because we had 2 pups including her and when Harvard went off for training and 4 new puppies came in it was not to think "Mine's next!" even though she was only 9 months old.

  2. Good luck Picassa, you sound like an amazing dog!

  3. Thanks for that post. Picassa is hardly perfect but she is a stellar puppy and I am excited to see what career she chooses. But, if she decides she wants a pet I am excited to bring her back to Utah and have her close. :)

  4. Go Picassa! Be ALL that you can (and want to) be! Having met Picassa, I have NO doubt that she would be a great partner dog, mamma dog, OR family pet dog. She is amazing! The A N T I C I P A T I O N may be intense, but I support her in whatever path she and the "powers that be" ultimately decide are hers. I have great faith in the "sorting hat" process. The odds are there, no?