Saturday, November 6, 2010

Give a Dog a Bone

Over the past few days, I've noticed the pathetic state of Kyle's bones. Thus, we headed to Kyle's favorite pet store so that he could pick out new toys.

The first order of business was weighing Kyle. He's now 56.3 pounds!

I'd intended to get Kyle two new bones, but after seeing the selection, I caved and bought him three. I'm a softie and a sucker!
(Here's a comparison between the old and new bones. The old bones are half the size of the new ones. Yikes!)

(Kyle eagerly anticipated an okay from me so that he could play with his new toys.)

 (Kyle's first grab was a chicken flavored Nylabone just like the one he has in my classroom.)

(Next up was the sterilized bone. These are hands down Kyle's favorite. I've already replaced his sterilized bone multiple times. It's too bad that they are the only messy GDB allowed bone.)

(The new bone was so tasty that Kyle had to lick his lips.)

(Finally Kyle gave the chicken flavored Nylaring a try. This is the first one he's had, and he's still warming up to the shape.)

(When all was said and done, the sterilized bone won out. Kyle's been chewing on it all afternoon.)

(Kyle came off the puppy truck with this bone from his first raisers' home. Before I put it away until I have a baby puppy that can safely play with it, Kyle gave his favorite toy a fond goodbye chew. Notice that the replacement bone is grasped in his other paw. Growing up isn't all bad.)

I always roll my eyes at people who spoil their pets. Now I'm just as bad. Kyle's sure worth it though.


  1. Who are Kyle's parents? We were just visiting with one of our former pups who was cc'd and became a hearing dog. Kyle and Rebel look so much alike!

  2. Too cute sister! I especially love how he cuddles the new bone and eats the old one. Adorable! Love you and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  3. Kyle is a Dutch and Gracie puppy. They are both new breeders. The K litter was Gracie's first, and Dutch's first litters were born last autumn.

    Dutch is a Neo/Stella puppy. Gracie is a Buck/Bubbles puppy. Is there any chance Rebel comes from one of those lines?

  4. My 2nd puppy Tahoma is Rebels mom! She was bred to Francois who is from Klondike and Haven and Tahoma is from Jessel and Divina. I'll have to do some research and see if there is a common denominator there now. :)

  5. Growing pains. . . bittersweet. So glad you can capture the moments on this blog!

  6. Cassie and Megan-Both Dutch and Gracie (Kyle's parents) have Klondike in their bloodlines. In fact, Francios (Rebel's dad) is in Gracie's bloodline. That must be the common denominator that makes them look alike. :)

  7. My puppies love the ring nylabone that you bought Kyle. It is Betsy's favorite toy, and of course Jorinda loves it because Betsy does!

  8. I hope you threw away the pee bone! Blah... yucky.... gag....