Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn Training Walk

Kyle loves to go on walks. During the week we only go on short jaunts, but Saturdays and Sundays Kyle and I try to get out for a several mile long walk.

A couple months ago, my CFR recommended working on neighborhood walks because that is where most of guide dogs' formal training takes place. Since Kyle has mastered loose leash walking and is rarely distracted, I've started throwing in obedience exercises on our walks. Last Saturday my friend accompanied us, so Kyle and I actually got a few pictures of our work together. I'm so proud of the progress my boy is making.

One of our favorite destinations is a fully fenced, huge field behind a local church. In the past, Kyle has refused to play without a K9 friend and sat at my feet. Thus, I've taken Sugar there to play with Kyle several times. However, this weekend Kyle ran and played by himself for the first time. Progress!

(Kyle and I walking across the field. You can only see part of it in the picture.)

Since we don't have a fenced yard, Kyle and I don't have many opportunities to practice off leash recalls. This field is the perfect place to do just that.

(Kyle about to get a kibble for his perfect come.)

After a bit, I just let Kyle explore the field. He loved greeting all of the dogs that lived in yards on the other side of the fence.

 (Kyle sniffing the fence of a yard with a beautiful black lab in it.)

The field has a sand volleyball pit where three children were building a sand castle. I worried that Kyle would plow into them and their project. He impressed me by dancing around them to say hello but not getting too friendly.

 (Kyle sitting on the edge of the volleyball pit. I love this picture of Kyle's face.)

This isn't the best shot of us, but at least I got an updated picture with my boy as we were leaving the field.

 (Kyle and me sitting in a bunch of autumn leaves.)

On the way home we snapped one final picture to show Kyle's great loose leash walking. We enjoy our excursions together! Someday I'll get someone to take pictures of all of our other training spots.

(Kyle happily trotting alongside me through a neighborhood.)


  1. Okay... I'm jealous of his loose leash! I wish Boo would do that! And the picture of him by the side of the volleyball court is priceless! Love you! :)

  2. This is so neat! I am glad I found your site!