Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eleven Things at Eleven Months

This post is a few days late because Kyle actually spent his 11 month day playing with Breeze and her family. I took a weekend road trip to my sister's house in Idaho, and I decided that Kyle would have more fun at a puppy sitter's house than sitting in my car for the second weekend in a row. From what Breeze's family said, that was the case. He got a glowing report and made me proud! Way to go Kyle!

Without further rambling on my part, here are eleven things about Kyle.
  1. I swear that Kyle thinks he's a human. Kyle has started using his front paws as hands. He'll reach out and pull things towards himself or put his paw up to my hand to get me to play. His mannerisms in the process really look like that of a human.
  2. Kyle has had many adventures this month. He's been puppysat or traded into four homes in October. Friday he's spending the day with Clyde, and Saturday Paris is coming to visit for a few days. For a dog who usually only has me for company, Kyle's sure had a social month.
  3. Kyle no longer jumps on people! Now he can occasionally get petted in public again.
  4. When I want a belly laugh, I start Kyle's puppy pushups down the hall from the kitchen at dinnertime. With each sit and down, Kyle inches closer to his food until he is proudly sitting in front of his bowl. If I can ever keep myself from laughing until my gut hurts, I'll try to catch the process on video.
  5. Kyle is finally grasping the concept that barking is not socially acceptable. While he still barks occasionally, he's invented a new sound of his own. It is a weird cross between a puppy cry and a bark. People have described it as a whale or wookiee sound. I should correct Kyle for the sound, but I'm usually too busy laughing at it. Seriously, it's that amusing.
  6. Kyle finally learned to self entertain. So long as I am near him, Kyle will hold his own bone and chew it. For anyone with a puppy that naturally developed this skill, it might not seem like a big deal. However, it is for Kyle. He has been stubbornly dependent on a human interacting at all times until recently.
  7. Kyle has an impeccable memory. He'll stash toys in random places, but he always seems to know right where to grab what he wants.
  8. Kyle still wears a drag line in the house most of the time. If he wants to escape my reach, he'll pick up his leash and run away. When he wanted to go to the bathroom one night, he picked up his leash and set it on my leg. Have I mentioned how smart Kyle is?
  9. Kyle went through a stage where he didn't like belly rubs which made me sad. Now, Kyle lets me scratch his belly!
  10. My cuddle bug loves to lay on me, but he wouldn't reciprocate the favor. After months of working on it, Kyle will let me use him for a pillow. This may not be a necessary guide work skill, but it sure makes me happy.
  11. Kyle continues to charm everyone he meets. His practically impeccable behavior in public continues to win him praises wherever he goes. We're still looking for something that will phase him, but we haven't found it yet.
This month the adult dog Kyle is going to be has started peeking through his adolescent antics. I love who Kyle is, and I am excited about who he is becoming.

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