Friday, October 8, 2010


Last week Kyle and Sugar traded places for a few days. Kyle spent a few days with my club leader and her daughter while Sugar got to attend school with me.

It took all of .2 seconds for my students to fall in love with Sugar. My favorite reaction from students came from my ESL class. Without hesitation, they decided to call her Azúcar...her name in Spanish. That class only has eight students, so I let Azúcar wander free for the first few minutes getting to know the students. They decided that Azúcar needed to study alongside them, so they eagerly set her up with the necessary supplies.

(Sugar sitting next to one of her new amigos in ESL class.)

While Sugar was busy learning how to interact appropriately, my students were displaying strong signs of dog distraction, so Sugar ended up back on tie-down at the front of the class. That way she could still watch everything that was going on.

(Sugar sitting near a book case in the front of the room. She is displaying one of the best doggy smiles I have ever seen.)

One night Sugar, a friend, and I headed to the mall and out to dinner. That's when I decided Sugar is a girl after my own heart. Neither of us took much interest in most stores, but we both had a blast in the game store. Sugar probably would have been content to sit and watch the roller coaster in that store all night if I let her.

(Sugar intently watching the roller coaster.)

I love working with Sugar. Whether she is over for a play date with Kyle, for puppysitting, or for a puppy trade, we always have a good time. Hopefully we'll have more adventures together in the months to come.

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  1. I can't get over how white her coat is! She does have a pretty smile though. :)