Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Moments

Here are a some random moments from the past few days that might bring a smile to your face.
  1. Kyle has an obsession with flies. If one is in the house, he goes crazy trying to catch it. Kyle finally caught one. The silly boy dropped the injured insect on the kitchen floor and looked at it with a puzzled expression. I swear he was thinking, "What happened? Get up. I want to play some more!"
  2. One night as I was heading to bed I noticed Kyle left one of his Kongs on the top stair. Instead of grabbing it, I left it for him to find in the morning. Morning came, and I found it first with my foot as I slid halfway down the stairs. It was like a movie scene. Kyle was sweet and came running to make sure I was okay. Thankfully, I was.
  3. Yesterday I decided to take Kyle for a quick walk before a rain storm hit. Within ten minutes, it started to hail. Yikes! I didn't expect that. Kyle had a great time jogging home, but I realized that I am horrible out of shape. Too bad that we aren't allowed to jog with puppies in training on a regular basis.
Between puppy trades and rainy days, Kyle and I haven't had too many adventures to share. He's off again tomorrow for at least five more days, but I wanted to share a few of our recent laughs.

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  1. Great stories, Amanda. The pups at our house keep us on our toes (and falling on our behinds) as well!