Friday, September 17, 2010

Conquering a Fear

Kyle and I just returned from conquering one of my biggest fears. I'd like to report that Kyle was great emotional support, but the truth is that he ditched me for a librarian.

(Kyle sitting under a librarian's desk while she looks up book prices. I cannot wait to see what books they decided to buy. Hopefully Kyle is developing a great taste in literature and gave some good suggestions.)

While Kyle hung out with a friend, I volunteered to be poked. Several times a year our school library turns into a blood donation center, and I decided it was about time for me to overcome my fears and donate.

While Kyle hung out with one librarian, the other was my moral support. She did a great job of cheering me, and a few students, on. When my ears started ringing, she even jumped up and grabbed an apple juice for me. I love my coworkers!

(Here I am in the donation chair. Aside from my ringing ears, donating really wasn't too bad.)

Kyle was a good boy for the librarian while I donated! He even behaved afterward when I held him with one hand and snacked with the other. I figured the calories were guilt free, so I enjoyed a few.

Back in my classroom a student snapped pictures of Kyle and me so that I could show off my pink smiley face bandage. Kyle thought it was great fun to have me down at his level during the school day and decided we needed to play instead. Thus, we have a goofy picture to document my bravery.

(Kyle is trying to lick my face while I smile down at him. I love the arm bandage!)

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