Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why I Blog

I looked through my sparsely kept high school journal for entries about Turk and Mesa. Here is the sum total of my recorded puppy raising adventures from back then.

Turk passed his final obedience test and will probably be put in class soon. He will graduate August 15 or September 12. I miss him but hope he will be a successful guide.

Turk graduated September 12th and now works with a woman named Janet ... in Ohio. Becky and I are now raising Mesa, a dog who is nothing like Turk.

Yikes! That’s pathetic. I’ve found a few high school papers where I discussed puppy raising in more general terms, and I might post those later. However, I regret not having written more memories with my first boys.

This blog is a place to do better this time around by recording adventures for me and Kyle’s future partner. With that said, why do you blog?


  1. I blog so I can remember different things about the puppies after they leave. Scary to is me how much you forget out your puppies after they are gone for 3-4 years!! :*(( So when new handlers go..did they do this and that? I can go to my blog and see if I wrote about it.

  2. I guess I blog for the same reason you do. I want to remember my pups. I noticed that with Freya I didn't take nearly enough pictures. I'm taking a lot more with Rocco (did take a lot more, I keep having to remind myself), but in general I want to remember what I did and where we went and what they were like. I also would like to get more people out there aware of what we do. GDB is apparently short of raisers and I would love to help the puppies leave the kennels sooner. But again, the biggest reason is so that I have something to remember them by. If my computer crashes and I lose all of my pictures I still will always have the ones on my blog and if the scrapbooks I've made burn up in a fire then pictures and memories are still there.

  3. I blog for the same reason. I wanted to make a fun journal for myself to remember fun things about my puppies. I've been blogging since puppy #4 so there is a lot of info on there. I had no idea how many people I was going to meet through blogging! I love this little cyber community we have. :D