Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Evaluations at Cabela's

Last Thursday our club had evaluations with our CFR. Barb came in from Colorado to meet with the Utah puppy clubs. Since we needed a central location to meet, we gathered outside Cabela's.

The evaluations went well. Everyone had to share one thing their dog did well and one problem area. I snuck in two of Kyle's strengths...his new mastery of puppy pushups (consecutive sits and downs) and the fact that he no longer has to wear a head collar on all of our outings.

Kyle has the same issue as other pups in our class, so we spent a lot of time talking about dogs that voluntarily relieve on walks. I got a few great pointers. Kyle is still having accidents on neighborhood walks and hikes, but now I have an idea of a few things I can do work on the issue.

After the club meeting, Megan, Hannah, and I decided to walk our dogs through Cabela's. We figured there would be plenty of distractions for Picassa, Sugar, and Kyle. Of course, all three dogs ignored all the displays and worked through the store like pros. We have amazing dogs in our club!

(Picassa, Sugar, and Kyle siting in front of a display with a black bear looking over their shoulders. Picassa is the oldest, yet smallest, dog in the picture.)

I never get pictures with Kyle since the camera is always in my hand. Megan was kind enough to snap one of us together.

(Kyle and me in front of a mule deer display.)

After all the dead, stuffed animals, we decided to visit the live fish. I tried to show Kyle the fish, but he wasn't interested and watched the little kids in the room instead. If there is anything that distracts Kyle, it is children. He loves them!

(Kyle ignoring the fish display. The photo is dark, but if you look closely, you can see the fish.)

Next time we have a club meeting, we'll have two new puppies to play with. I'm excited!

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