Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seven Things at Seven Months

Time is flying! In honor of Kyle being seven months old, here are seven wonderful things about him.
  1. Kyle hardly ever needs to wear his head collar anymore. On most outings, he behaves wonderfully with just his flat collar. I'm amazed how quickly he figured this out.
  2. Goodbye constant tie-downs! Kyle is now free in the house with just his longline almost all of the time. He even sleeps free in my room.
  3. At this time last month, Kyle still had digestive issues. Now he is medicine free, transitioned to a new dog food, and doing great!
  4. Kyle mastered the command "down." He doesn't always want to do this command, but he can do it perfectly if his mind is on it.
  5. Kyle must have gotten a break job when I wasn't paying attention. He used to sit stubbornly, or put on the breaks, when he didn't want to walk anymore or he didn't want to get in the car. Now he is always willing to walk as far as I ask and doesn't hesitate to jump in the car.
  6. I have one smart puppy on my hands. Most of the time his intelligence makes him easy to train. Sometimes he uses this trait to assess a situation and figure out how to be naughty. Even that makes me laugh though.
  7. The best part of Kyle's progress in the past month is his attachment to me. While he has always been cuddly, a month ago he still maintained some emotional distance from me. (He had just lost his first family after all.) I honestly feel like we are a bonded team now, and that makes a huge difference for both of us. 
I love my boy. Time is flying because we're having fun!
(Kyle got a seven month present today. Here he is with his new jollyball. )


  1. That's great! He sounds like a good boy! Kendrick usually only needs a head collar at meeting because he's so excited about all the other dogs. He and Kyle sounds so much alike.

  2. I wanna play jollyball. Kyle? Will you share?