Wednesday, March 2, 2011

May 12th

Until tonight, I thought the first Utah puppy truck of the year was going to be in April. A fellow club member texted me and let me know that it is actually coming on May 12. My leader later confirmed that at our meeting.

What does that mean for Kyle? Unless things change, Kyle will be with me for another two months!

Kyle arrived on May 9, 2010. Since he was a transfer puppy, I never expected to keep him a full year. Instead, I mentally prepared myself for him to be recalled at the end of February when he turned 15 months. Now it looks like we'll just barely pass the year mark together.

(Kyle the day I picked him up. He was such a wiggly ball of fun that day.)

Now that we have a lot more time together, I need to find interesting things to entertain Kyle while training him. The way I figure it, we can use this time to further tip the odds in Kyle's favor for successfully graduating. First off will be cementing "stand" and perfecting his off leash recall. However, I'd also like to come up with new outings for him.

Has anyone out there kept a puppy in training until almost 18 months? I'd love to hear your ideas for outings and activities to work on Kyle's training as an older pup.


  1. Living in California and living close to the campus means that we don't generally get to get our dogs much past 15 months. Freya went back and 16 months. We did have one dog, Harvard, stay as a PIT until almost 19 months. It was weird. At about 17 months he started looking bored, like he knew that he was suppose to be going of for something bigger and better soon. Since Freya was the only other puppy in the group in the time and she could take everything, we just thought of more difficult outings. I suggest doing something you never thought you would get to do. Maybe, if you're going to one of the approved states take Kyle and fly there. It would be cool for Kyle to get to be on a plane. :) I'm so glad that you have another 2 months with him.

  2. how cool is that! two more months. It is not the recall that bugs me it is the time frame in which it is carried out. When I first started, we got 30 days notice, and with each pup it has gotten shorter and shorter. We had one pup get 3 days notice. Even then they were not sure, she was 23 months before they called her back. I don't want the hanging over my head for close to 8 months, wating to know.

    Glad tohear that you will have more time with your guy. I know that Tamika went to a lot of baseball games during her long 23 months with her raisers. Spring Training is here.
    Carrie and Truff

  3. @Erin--I really want to fly with Kyle. He is such a pro in public and on road trips that I'd be fairly confident flying with him. Unfortunately, I only travel in the summer and December since I'm a teacher, so I doubt we will get a trip in together.

    @Carrie--I'm with you. The recall doesn't bother me half as much as the not knowing. Now that I have a date, all is well. We can make a game plan around it and get to work. I hope you figure out your girl's recall date soon. :)

  4. Awesome!
    I just heard the same news about my pup Rudy! Our AC just let us know that he's not on the IFT list in April - and most likely will be with us till May/June :)
    I always love hearing that news!


  5. I think that is so cool you get to keep Kyle unitl May 12. I wonder if I will have Breeze longer than that because all the older dogs here in Utah will be going back in May which most likely means that dogs around Breeze's age will be going back later.

  6. ORide the bus around Salt Lake? Take a weekend trip to Vegas? Lotsa new sights there. Glass elevators, train depot, factory tours, shows. Gma could be your escort. Bring him here forP fishing? Guest visits to day care centers or childrens hr @ the library? Or 4H or scout meetings or nursing homes? Motocross or monster truck races? Ski lifts still running here & golf courses opening soon. Lotsa new places & situations to expose him to. Glad you have the extra time together.

  7. That is great news!!!
    Ours almost never get recalled before 18 months, it's nice to enjoy that extra time with them when they are so perfect. I've been trying to come up with new and exciting challenges for Hosta too.