Thursday, March 10, 2011

Confessions of an Assembly Ditcher

Confession: I rarely attend the assemblies at the high school where I teach. I'd rather hide in my classroom and get some work accomplished. Here's the really terrible part--I'm a horrible example for students.

At the start of this school year a few kids discovered that they could ditch the assemblies and play the stash of games in my classroom instead. Since the students and I have such a good time, I take Kyle's puppy jacket off and let him play as well. It's good times for all!

(Kyle playing tug with a student.)

Kyle has impressed my students in the past by pulling them in rolling chairs. This week he simply pulled a student across the floor. I wonder how he'd do attached to a sled in Alaska?

(Before this picture, the girl was sitting along the wall. Kyle pulled her several feet. I love the smiles on everyone's faces.)

After an hour of playing, Kyle actually had to take a breather. We were all stunned when he lay panting on the floor.

(Kyle in need of a water break.)

Never fear, Kyle recovered within minutes and was ready for another round. It was a good day for all involved.

(Kyle with a big puppy grin right before class started again.)

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