Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kyle's a winner already!

This past weekend a friend and I went on a major shopping spree to buy the last of what I need for Kyle. He is now the owner of a crate, food bowls, cleanup bags, a long line, and much more. He is going to be one spoiled boy.

A few minutes ago, I learned that Kyle is getting one more thing before he arrives. Before I even knew about Kyle's transfer, I entered him and the dogs I puppy sit in a contest. Ruby's Raiser just emailed me to let me know that Kyle won a Kong Wobbler and a tray to help freeze water in his Kong. I even get a cute Kong key chain. Yea! The best part of the contest is how the winner was selected. Click here to see a video that had me laughing my head off.

Thank you Ruby! Kyle is sure to enjoy his prize.


  1. Well you didn't need to win a contest to find out that Kyle is a winner! But that's incredible nonetheless, and winning a contest is always so fun!

    I don't know which of the prizes to be most jealous of! Now I just need to keep an eye out for good prices on these items for me. I've never heard of a wobbler but I know Boo would love it with how much she loves her treat ball! I also want to try freezing Boo's kong and it seems much easier with that product. And the keychain... way too cute to go with my petco/petsmart cards and dogtag on my keys. :)

    Congrats again and love ya! Next time you hear of a good contest let me know, although I don't want to steal it from you! :)

  2. What a fun surprise! Kudos to Kyle!