Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Puzzle Pieces

Tonight my sister Kassie sent me a series of texts that made me laugh. She said, "I have this random image in my mind of a lab puzzle with random words on the back of each piece like Kyle, 18 weeks, May, etc. Some pieces are missing, but is makes it even more exciting...Like a stretched out Christmas! Extend the fun!"

One of my club members who seems to be a wealth of knowledge concerning all things related to guide dog trivia, sent me most of the information I was hoping to know about Kyle. His parents are yellow labs named Dutch and Gracie. Kyle and his littermates were born on November 24, 2009. All seven puppies, six males and one female, are yellow like their parents. His sister is Kaya and his brothers are Kearney, Keegan, Keifer, and Kendrick. (One brother is unaccounted for.) Thanks to Guide Dogs for the Blind's blog, I was able to snatch pictures of Kyle and his litter.

(This is Gracie, Kyle's mom.)

 (This is Kyle's litter when the pups are only a week old.)

(Here the litter is two and a half weeks old.)

(This picture and the three that follow are individual shots of the pups on Christmas day. Which puppy is Kyle?)

Now that I have seen pictures of Kyle, even if I don't know which pup he is, I think I can be a little more patient for the next two weeks. Every one of these little guys is adorable. Since Kyle will be five months when I get him, it will be a fun game to even try and identify him in these pictures.

Yea for the wonders of the internet! With that said, does anyone out there know where the rest of this litter ended up? It would be fun to meet or hear about Kyle's littermates.


  1. That's awesome. I really like the name: Kyle. As in "Kyle Katarn" Jedi Battlemaster of the New Republic. I can't wait to meet him!

  2. Hi Amanda -- Please visit my site and send me an email (just click the "contact us" link on the right sidebar)...I have some good Kong contest news for you! ;)

  3. We have Kendrick in our group! He's a little ball of energy, but he's so cute! And, besides the unending energy, he's a really good pup! I hope you have fun with Kyle! If you visit my blog I'll have pictures of the whole puppy group up by next week when my little one can go to a real meeting since it's safe for little puppies.

  4. Erin--

    I am so excited to have found one of Kyle's siblings. I cannot wait to see a picture of him and follow how he is doing. Does Kendrick have a blog, or does your puppy club have a website?

    I also look forward to reading about more of your adventures with Rocco. Baby puppies are a handful but a bundle of fun. :)

  5. Kyle was started in my puppy club, and his unaccounted for brother Kermit is in my club too. They are both super cute :)