Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Classroom Christmas

Christmas in my classroom started a couple weeks ago when I took a trip to Texas, and Kyle visited a puppy sitter. When I picked Kyle up, the puppy sitter gave us the coolest snowflake ever. She mentioned that it was to hang in my classroom, so that is exactly what I did after I laminated it.

(This is an amazing snowflake with The Grinch, Max, and Kyle worked in to it.)

My students all loved the snowflake and decided to decorate my classroom. Pretty soon there was a blizard in the classroom.

(Snowflakes hanging from the classroom ceiling.)

The next week I bought Kyle two new dog beds as early Christmas presents...one for our living room and one for the classroom. From the first day Kyle had a bed at school, his behavior changed dramatically. Instead of barking for attention, Kyle loves to lay on his bed all day. Unless we are doing something especially rowdy, Kyle doesn't even need a tie down. This has been great practice for his "go to bed" command. I should have gotten Kyle a school bed months ago!

(Kyle enjoying his school bed and favorite bone.)

The same student who has drawn previous pictures of Kyle on the white board captured Kyle in one of his favorite poses on his bed.

(A green line sketch of Kyle laying sprawled across his bed.)

On the last day before Christmas break, I allowed my honors students time to do homework or play educational games. One of my class periods is particularly enamored with Kyle, so a few students came and asked if they could play with Kyle instead.

If you've ever wondered what students think of having a puppy in English class, this picture should answer that.

(A student with a huge grin while she plays tug with Kyle.)

My classroom is a terrific place for tug. Check out the video below to see how fun tug can be with a rolly chair and a slick floor.

(Kyle pulls a student on a rolly chair around the classroom while playing tug.)

Before students had to tell Kyle goodbye for two weeks, they made sure to tell him Merry Christmas in language he understands. He loved every minute of love they gave him.

(Life is hard when you are the teacher's pet. Kyle gets belly scratches from two students at once.)

Merry Christmas!

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