Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Fat 0

For the fourth week in a row, Kyle is in phase 0. That's still the medical evaluation stage of training. Phase 0 normally lasts 1-2 weeks, so that alone was cause for concern.

Additionally, all of Kyle's littermates are getting career changed. So far, three, maybe four, are cc'd. Kermit returns to formal training this week, and Keegan is unaccounted. Those odds aren't tipping the scale in Kyle's favor at all.

With these two factors combined, I panicked and called my leader. She placed a call to my regional leader. I'm assuming my regional leader called the Oregon campus because I had a logical, but sad, explination for Kyle's stay in phase 0 within a couple of hours.

It turns out that Kyle cut his paw open on an outing. Until it heals, he cannot go into training. My poor boy! I wish I could give Kyle a giant cuddle right now. He's got to be going stir crazy without exercise. Kyle is the energizer bunny.

All I can hope is that Kyle is getting obedience work and some other form of entertainment while his paw heals. If any of Dutch and Gracie's puppies are going to make it as a guide dog, I have full confidence that Kyle can do it. He was born to be a working dog. A hurt paw cannot keep my boy down.


  1. Poor Kyle! I'm sure he'll be up and going soon!

  2. Yikes! I'm sure it isn't serious but that's a bummer! Also, if it makes you feel a tiny bit better, because I am a nerd and do things like this, I have a spreadsheet of all the dogs that appeared in phase 0 the week our boys did (Jenson and Kyle were on the same truck) and have been tracking the 16 of them each week. Of the 16, 7 have been in phase 0 for 4 weeks. I highly doubt that all 7 have some sort of malady keeping them from training, so I would propose that they were assigned to a trainer who isn't updating the phases very fast. Just my hare-brained (hair-brained?) idea of what I would have told myself if my pup were one of the 7... Of those 16, 2 have been cc'd and the other seven are in phase 2. Looks to me like there are two groups with two trainers or something.

  3. Ouch! I'm sure Kyle will bounce back quickly. Joanne from our club went down on the May 14th and still is in Phase 0 too. :/ I'm not sure what the story is for her...

  4. @Emily--I might have to recreate your spreadsheet. That is a genius idea!

    I talked to Barb at evaluations last week because I was already worried about Kyle staying in 0 for so long. He doesn't handle boredom well. Barb told me exactly what you suspected--their group was divided into two training strings. Hopefully Kyle heals quickly and he and his string can start advancing. (Of course, there is a chance Kyle will be held back for another string now. We'll see.)

    By the way, I always loved the idea of there being another high school teacher who was puppy raising out there. I guess this is my chance to say hi. :)

  5. *whew* Glad there was a reason! Hopefully he'll be ready to go soon! :)

  6. We need an update! Your blog is gathering dust!!